Association of casting directors of the audiovisual industry of Ukraine, for the development of common interests, the development of professionalism in the field, raising the status of the profession, ensuring the free exchange of information, ideas and standardization of working practices.

Purpose of the Association is to create a favorable environment for the development of Ukrainian casting industry employees, their presentation in the international arena, implementation of cultural and educational programs and projects, establishing cross-sectoral and international partnerships, satisfaction of social, national, cultural and other interests of its members, as well as assistance in addressing the pressing professional needs of the casting industry.
To promote high standards of work for Ukrainian casting industry. Promoting communication in the industry.
Provide expertise and advisory services regarding the criteria and methods for selecting employees and casting actors for audiovisual projects.
Create mechanisms of experience exchanging, delegate members of the Association to participate in cultural and educational events, training programs, internships, forums, summits or other events, including national and international ones.
Collaborating with government and non-government agencies, enterprises, institutions and organizations regardless of the form of its ownership in matters related to the support of the Association, organizing cultural and educational activities and strategy of casting industry development.
To standardize the principles of work of Ukrainian casting professionals from professional, moral, ethical and cultural points of view.
Organize and conduct cultural and educational programs and projects for industry employees. Implement joint programs and projects with international and national partner organizations.
To lobby the interests of the casting industry representers.
Protect the legal rights and interests of the Association members.
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